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Some of our fantastic passers!


Congratulations to Samantha Phillips for 1st time pass today with only a few minors. Even the examiner congratulated her on a nice drive. Well done Sam i knew you would bag it! You have been an amazing pupil and worked hard....enjoy!

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Well done Immie Hall on a 1st time pass . My life will feel so normal now without your outrageous conversations ha! See you on the road!

A massive congratulations to Megan Arnold for passing her test 1st time with a clean sheet....Wow!!!

Great 1st time pass for Marie Ashford

Congratulations to Zoe Baker for passing her test 1st time this morning with only 4 minors. You and Alice have been amazing to teach and thank you for both being lovely pupils. See you on the road!

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Big Congratulations to Alice passing her driving test 1st attempt with only 4 minors. You have been a lovely pupil and I wish you all the very best. Well done!!

Congratulations to Serena for passing her pracrical driving test. It was a miserable rainy start for a test but you did it and with only 4 minors!! You have have been an amazing pupil and I look forward to seeing you on the road!

Congratulations to Becca Edwards for passing her driving test 1st time with only a few minors.

Well done Laura for passing your driving test. You have worked so hard for this. Enjoy!!!

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Sue is a fantastic instructor, was always patient and helped with my confidence. She has a great sense of humour and i highly recommend her, Going to miss our lessons.

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Sue is a fantastic instructor-patient, knowledgeable and with a brilliant sense of humour (which comes in handy!). I felt totally supported in the time i was learning and i got through my test the first time! Thank you so much Sue, i will miss our lessons.

Great instructor, very patient. I was a very nervous learner but Sue always made me feel comfortable and at ease, she also got me to pass first time! Brilliant jokes too!

Thanks so much Sue,Loved every minute .Thanks for the laughs.

Sue is a wonderful instructor. She was supportive and encouraging throughout my whole driving experience. Sue is also patient, calm and explains things clearly and will keep going over things until you are a 100% confident. Would recommend Sue to anyone...

Sue is amazing! Patient, supportive and funny! Sue makes driving so easy and simple with her little tips and tricks. I would 100% recommend Sue/FlyPass driving school to anyone looking to drive - wether you´re confident or not.


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Got my car today, drove it to the Connaught. It´s really strange driving but it feels great! I cannot thank you enough for all your help. Your the best!

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Sue is absolutely brilliant. I would recommend her to any friend or relative wanting to get behind a wheel. Incredibly patient, supportive and a great laugh too, she helped me pass first time!! Now i´m not having lessons, i miss her!

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